What is Omiansoo? (水)

Our Heart Ingredient

Korean Traditional Beauty Water
O calm’s special ingredients derived from Korean beauty heritage
inspired by Korean traditional liquid-type cosmetics (美顔水) dated from the Joseon Dynasty period for clean and bright skin. O calm developed a special ingredient using peach leaf, Yuja and Korean angelica root extracts.
It helps moisturize the skin and create a healthy and bright complexion.

Prunus persica (peach) leaf extract
Peach is one of the favorite fruits of Koreans, much loved for its beautiful blossom and sweet taste. From the olden days, Korean women enjoyed drinking peach blossom tea with a belief that it would give a peach-pink blooming complexion.

[Effects] Anti-oxidation, skin hydration and anti-wrinkle benefits
[INCI name] Prunus Persica (Peach) Leaf Extract

Citrus Junos fruit (Yuja) extract
It is a yellow round shaped citrus fruit. It has a bumpy rind and a distinctly sour flavor. It has about three times more vitamin C than a lemon, is good for curing colds and provides skin benefits. It also has a high concentration of citric acid effective in slowing down the signs of aging and reliving fatigue.

[Effects] Anti-allergic action, relief of skin itching and anti-aging benefits
[INCI name] Citrus Junos Fruit Extract

Korean angelica root extract
Korean angelica root is a medicinal herb that helps all other herbs blend and work together harmoniously. Glycerin from angelica root treats skin eruptions including atopic dermatitis, soothes the sensitive skin and promotes cell activation for anti-aging. It also accelerates wound healing through its anti-inflammatory action. 

[Effects] Skin cell activation, anti-inflammatory properties and skin brightening effect
[INCI name] Angelica Gigas Root Extract

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