Using Mask Sheet Properly

Tip 1.
Exfoliation before use of the mask sheet can help absorb the active ingredient

Tip 2.
Using a warm, steam towel before the mask sheet can open the pores to help absorb the active ingredient

Tip 3.
Keep sheets in the refrigerator and use them for a soothing effect

Tip 4.
If you use a drop of oil on the mask sheet, you can form a protective skin layer and make skin shiny and smooth

Tip 5.
There are holes for the eyes and mouth, so apply cream before using this mask sheet

Tip 6.
Placing the sheet until it dries or using it while sleeping can cause the skin to be deprived of moisture, or the pores can become clogged and cause troubles

Tip 7.
The remaining essence is applied to the body such as neck, legs and so on

Tip 8.
If you apply cream after using a mask sheet, you can prevent water from running by forming a moistening film